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Trav: Ever since Yuri Lee of Lookbook.nu sent us some stickers, we have been contemplating getting some of our own. After a bit of effort and a lot of procrastination on my part, the stickers are finally here. I was having too much fun tagging everywhere with the lookbook stickers, so there’s no denying that i will be plastering everywhere with these. Don’t be surprised if you them in a hood near you. This is just an appetizer of what’s to come in 09. Stay tuned.






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  • Bryan

        posted on December 18 , 2008 :

    4 words for you DEE OH PEE E! I was thinking of getting some made up. Where did you get them from?

  • Brandon

        posted on December 18 , 2008 :

    wow… dope josh and travis.. you guys are really making moves I thought you were joking but damn..

  • Momma Mad

        posted on December 19 , 2008 :

    Niiiiice! If you ever need anyone to bomb Southern Cali with some of those puppies, holler.

  • goke

        posted on December 19 , 2008 :

    that’s a good look since this is one of the most unique blogs on da net

    BTW how is the nyc shop guide going?

  • JWorksUK

        posted on December 19 , 2008 :

    Those are nice, where did you get them done?

  • Ferrero

        posted on December 19 , 2008 :

    wow this is dope you guys making some big moves , good luck

  • Trav

        posted on December 20 , 2008 :

    Thanks for the love guys..i got them done at Stickerguy.com

    goke..the shopping list is coming along man..def wont disappoint

  • Rome

        posted on December 21 , 2008 :

    Damn some nice stuff man, can i have some stickers? I’ll buy them off of you guys

  • dayinthelyf

        posted on December 22 , 2008 :

    real nice man!

  • 365HUSTLE

        posted on December 23 , 2008 :

    Those stickers are straight up illl