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JKISSI : I found a site called Shop It To Me , I was a bit skeptical on if I should sign up or anything because I was suffering from a case of finger laziness (lol).  I am so  glad I did sign up for Shop It To Me though , for the people who don’t know what it is I will explain. This site emails you all the sales going around on the internet in your size and you get to select what designers and brands you want emailed to you either daily or you have the option to  specify the days. I recommend you guys to sign up I have found some plain amazing deals on Shop It To Me, truly a treat for online buyers like myself.




This is how it looks when they email the sales to you.


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys when you refer or invite people you get free gift cards. I just received mine today.


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  • SaraP

        posted on December 15 , 2008 :

    Wow thank you for this xmas is coming and my funds are being to diminish. I love you so much !

  • Teddy

        posted on December 16 , 2008 :

    this is very dope .. big help right now

  • The Fashionisto

        posted on December 16 , 2008 :

    HOLD UP.

    Who is that red plaid jacket by and where are they selling it?



        posted on December 16 , 2008 :

    That whole section is from Ralph Lauren check it out on their site .

  • The Fashionisto

        posted on December 18 , 2008 :

    Many thanks!