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JKISSI : HYR releases another Issue to the public to read. For everyone reading our blog daily  I greatly encourage you to actually take out the time to read this. I know it’s a flash site and some of you guys might be too “finger lazy” to navigate the site , but it’s some really interesting reads on the site. It just doesn’t stop at “features” the online magazine features even more for you to take away.

Hyr caters to all for the sneaker heads they have the section called the sneaker diary where this issue guest Dustin Williams talks about his love for kicks.

To see – Columns > Click on (shoes) Sneaker Diaries : Dustin Williams

Ryan elaborates on what gear he wants to purchase, some real good looks included.

To see – click Columns – > (product) I want that

One of my favorites of this issue are the Boots post , all different kinds of boots for different preferences. This winter I’ve pretty much got back my love for boots I once had, when I use to rock Goretex and Vasquez before, those were the days.

To see -  Click feature – > (fashion) The  Bootdown

Last but not least is the music review done by Jake Davis on Kanye West’s lastest album 808′s and Heartbreaks which seems to catch either heat or love , no in between.



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  • Richard

        posted on December 9 , 2008 :

    dope , I’m going to be honest the site is alil bit too annoying for me thanks for the directions on where to go.. I’m not stupid just lazy lol to find things

  • Freshdresser

        posted on December 10 , 2008 :

    dope dope dope all over this, never heard of these guys but loving site very special insight.

  • Dr.Denim

        posted on December 11 , 2008 :

    Street Etiquette is the shizzle!!!!!!!!!!!