A NewYork Minute General Style 4 Comments

Trav: Its crazy how fast things move in the city that never sleeps. I was just going through my camera when i found something quite interesting. It started a late Friday night on my way home from work, i was messing with the settings on my cam and intentionally taking useless practice shots. I really had no idea what was happening until now. These pics were taken in no more than two minutes. The shots below are placed exactly how the occurred from beginning to end.

Basically.. the there’s no one on the platform/ the train comes/people get off/ people sit down/ another train comes/ the people get on/ the train leaves/ the platform is empty again.


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  • Eco

        posted on December 8 , 2008 :

    cool pics..lol whats the deal with that guy in sunglasses

  • imaG

        posted on December 8 , 2008 :

    New York Baby!

  • Raymond

        posted on December 8 , 2008 :

    dope stuff , I want to move to NYC when I get older I cant take detroit its just a shithole.

  • Astro

        posted on March 13 , 2010 :

    these pictures are almost poetical… i like how they came out. defiantly depicts the life and times of a new yorker. keep on moving. i love it. but when im old… i am sure i wont…