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JKISSI : Word is out that Zara the fashion retailer from Spain has opened it’s largest store in New York. I really like what Zara is doing acknowledging H&M has about 100 stores in New York, or at least it feels that way. I would put their pieces above H&M anyway, but that also comes with the price I guess because it is a tad bit more expensive.

WWD : NEW YORK — Zara’s new flagship at 500 Fifth Avenue has something that’s rarely been seen in the fast-fashion chain’s locations: a security sensor attached to a $1,099 mink-colored leather coat. The three-level, 12,000-square-foot unit represents a new prototype featuring materials and decor that project a more upscale vibe. It’s also the Spanish retailer’s biggest store in Manhattan and offers the largest assortment of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel of any of its New York units.

Unlike the shiny white stores of an earlier incarnation, Zara’s Fifth Avenue flagship is darker and moodier.

I took a pic a couple weeks ago before it opened…

Source : WWD


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  • Elmo

        posted on December 7 , 2008 :

    I agree, Zara has by far the better products than H&M. IMO the quality is a lot better.

  • The Ca$h

        posted on December 7 , 2008 :

    I might go check it out
    when i get the time

  • marty

        posted on December 7 , 2008 :

    Zara is really good! Keep up the good work with the site (:

    By the way, very nice theme. Is it made by someone of you or is it possible to download somewhere`?


  • Ed Herbert

        posted on March 24 , 2009 :

    Are you hiring?

  • William

        posted on July 28 , 2010 :

    Somebody was inspired: