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JKISSI : Back at it again while we can, it’s the music video of the weeksomething to bump to while the air gets colder. This week the video is from Outkast one of my favorite groups which is still relevant today, which puts them apart from other hip hop group competitors. Listen I’m not saying they’re the best hip hop group of all time, but they’re up there.  Andre 3k could still go over many people heads so just keep that in mind (lol). I’m in love with soulful beats laced with good lyrics if you can’t tell.

Outkast – ATLIENS

1.Public Enemy


3. A Tribe Called Quest

4.Camp Lo

5. Fugees

Honorable Mention : De La Soul , RUN DMC , Mobb Deep , Bone Thugs, Naughty By Nature  damn this is hard.

Who are your top 5 favorite Hip-hop groups?


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  • Jefferey

        posted on December 4 , 2008 :

    good list.. josh id go with..

    3.Mobb Deep
    4.De La Soul

    I really dont like outkast but their catalogue is impressive.

  • Memphis

        posted on December 4 , 2008 :

    Ehh, this is my list:
    1. Nelly
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Mike Jones
    4. Chingy
    5. Chamillionaire

  • Marcus

        posted on December 6 , 2008 :

    1. Wu-Tang

    everyone else. I’m sorry but it’s a simple lyric that goes “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fck with” They are just incredible bar for bar.

  • Jules Born

        posted on September 11 , 2009 :

    1. Outkast
    2. Wu-Tang
    3. Public Enemy
    4. Tribe Called Quest
    5.Bone Thugs n Harmony

  • Joergen M.

        posted on November 3 , 2009 :

    1. Wu-Tang. Man, these guys stretches far too the icy hearts of North Norwegians. I grew up listening to this and its still as tight as it was back then.

    2. Camp Lo. I have “Luchini” on my alarm clock. Waking up feeling fresh!

    3. Outkast. Big Boi and André is the ultimate duo

    4. Mobb Deep. I think the “Infamous” record has been the record I’ve been listening to most in my life.

    5. A Tribe Called Quest/The Pharcyde. Couldn’t decide who was the better.

    Great website guys!