Vans Leather Black Pack General Style 7 Comments

JKISSI : It has been a while since SE blogged something about shoes. Yes,  I can always count on Vans to bring out something that I love. Recently I could not find anything to buy out there without shedding out unnecessary cash for it.  Many of you know I love the color black to death, with the addition of leather makes me want them even more. We’re sorry for the lack of updates we’re trying to wrap up the last 2 weeks of the semester, anyone else doing the same?

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  • Memphis

        posted on December 3 , 2008 :

    I like the Chukkas but that’s it, really.


        posted on December 3 , 2008 :

    I’m kind of the opposite I dont like the chukkas for some reason. I’m feeling the sk8 hi more than anything ..

  • Allabout

        posted on December 3 , 2008 :

    doppeee . need more updates from you guys pleasE!

  • The Ca$h

        posted on December 7 , 2008 :

    i like the low-tops

  • Anonymous

        posted on August 11 , 2010 :

    is there any stores that are still selling these shoes? especially the vans era back leather/suede ones!!!!
    Desperate for these..

  • Edrick

        posted on October 18 , 2010 :

    HOW DO I GET A PAIR OF THE BLACK LEATHER SUEDE ERA’S? I want them . please help me find them .

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