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JKISSI : Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but we have been extremely busy trying to piece some important stuff together for 2009.  Back to the regular scheduled stuff though, Blackbird is a clothing store based in Seattle , Washington which has been on the blog scene since 2005. Usually you would have to call in the store , and place the order which is perfectly fine because the customer service is always great.   To be honest Ive been praying for Blackbird to host a website as I watch all the sales go down occasionally. It seems like my prayers and many others have been answered.

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  • Seriousjonez

        posted on November 26 , 2008 :

    damn blackbird has been out for some time now , i’m glad theyre actually opening a online store.


        posted on November 26 , 2008 :

    Yeah man, definitely cant wait until them good sales start dropping in. They have some alright pieces on sale right now also.