Mishka Holiday 2008 Drop General Style 3 Comments

JKISSI : Mishka returns this Holiday with some just great pieces. Trav and I both agree that Mishka¬† has definitely improved as the seasons progress.¬† They make pieces that you could still throw in your outfits even if your not draped in street wear clothes. I remember the early seasons of Mishka I wasn’t really a fan, but now they could definitely put me on the list. Shout outs to Steve Irby for hitting me up with the information.

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  • Sewaz

        posted on November 27 , 2008 :

    This is dope man , i just copped the first jacket man ..

  • Trav

        posted on November 27 , 2008 :

    feeling it

  • imaG

        posted on December 1 , 2008 :

    Those jackets are ill. I’m feeling all 3. Cant choose between the 2nd or 3rd.