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JKISSI : This week we give you one of my favorite songs from the Roots.  These guys have been doing it for so long and keeping it real, being one of the few hiphop bands with this status. The jazzy feel they give just attracts me to their music every single time. The bass chords on here are so simple , but fits the song with a perfectly. Can’t forget about Erykah Badu giving the song a  melodic chorus which just grabs you in, and Eve also spits conversely with Black thought in certain parts,but no appearance in the video. ( Thanks Reggie )This is a tribute to the Roots since they’re putting touring on hold right now to be a late night house band for Jimmy Fallon. I cant say this is too bad, maybe it would give them some more exposure to the mainstream audiences who are still unaware.

The Roots f/ Erykah Badu – You Got Me


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  • Reggie

        posted on November 20 , 2008 :

    Yo those conversing with Thought parts isn’t Erykah, that’s Eve.


        posted on November 20 , 2008 :

    Damn for all this time i thought that was Erykah big surprise to me. Shouldve known since Eve is from Philly also. Now that I’m listening to it lol I feel dumb , definitely Eve.

    word.. thanks Reggie , I’ll change that right now

  • Allabout

        posted on November 20 , 2008 :

    dope video.. and song so much soul

  • Michael K

        posted on November 20 , 2008 :

    One of my favourite songs from Things Fall Apart.
    I love the breakbeat drum lick at the end….
    I’m going to see them live next week when they come to London. So excited!

  • Autumn

        posted on November 20 , 2008 :

    this is my jam! ;)

  • Reggie

        posted on November 30 , 2008 :

    No problem dude, all good. Song is a classic, The Roots is definitely the most slept on group in Hip Hop.