Daily Snaps 11/18/08 Snaps Through the Scope 3 Comments

JKISSI : One of the coldest days so far was definitely today.  After school me and Trav headed downtown to catch the Uniqlo heat tech give away, it went pretty smooth we got our stuff in about 10 minutes max. More information and pictures about the giveaway by Trav soon.  We had to hit up soho after because it was just too early to go back uptown to the Bronx. I went to the A.P.C store to ask about my jeans they confirmed that I could bring it in and receive 50% off my new pair of new cures. Thanks to all the subscribers who view SE daily if your not registered please do it.


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  • jcapo!

        posted on November 19 , 2008 :

    good sht.. definitely wanna hear about the giveaway since i wasnt able to be there..

  • Michael K

        posted on November 19 , 2008 :

    It’s wonderful to read of daily goings-on from NYC.
    Love the passion both of you guy show for style and design.
    Michael (subscribed through Google Reader)


        posted on November 19 , 2008 :

    Michael K , we appreciate you viewing the blog daily , i know i recognized your name from somewhere LB lol