Red Wings Factory Tour General Style 3 Comments

JKISSI : After Trav bought some Red Wings I have been back and forth on if I should purchase a pair.  It’s definitely getting  colder up here and I have decided I will buy a pair soon.  The dopest pair Ive seen so far is Adrian’s custom pair of Red Wings in Navy blue suede accompanied by a white sole.  When I first saw them I thought “wow, I need these in my life”. Adrian works in Commonwealth DC, Stussy DC , and For The Greater Good this guy is definitely on his hustle. Guy is a cool dude, and we worked something out for the future, you might see me in a pair of Redwings in a different colorway.  Check out his blog below and stay tuned.

Click Here To See More from Adrian



To see how they’re made watch this video below


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  • Izzy Fahrarri

        posted on November 18 , 2008 :

    you should def pick up a pair of red wings bro. you will never go wrong with a pair.

  • camthrax

        posted on November 19 , 2008 :

    DAAAAAAMN. He just got the suede dyed right? If I wasn’t broke I would be wearing some Red Wings right now. My next door neighbors at home distribute them regionally, but I’m too much of a wimp to ask for hook ups.


        posted on November 19 , 2008 :

    Yeahh he dyed the suede looks sickkkkkkkk. Yo ask your neighbor man lol could hook us up with that nice discount