R.I.P My A.P.C New Cure Denim General Style 22 Comments

JKISSI : Some of you may know that I have a pair of A.P.C New Cure for about 10 months now, almost going on a year.  Well I brought them to my local tailor, who probably knows about four English words. I told her I wanted to taper the leg opening just a little bit nothing too crazy, but when I went back to pick them up she said she knows I love “skinny skinny jeans” so she made it skinnier, at that point I was tight because it looked like an arm sleeve.  She promised me she would fix it and bring it back out again , I go back and its opened up  a little bit more but still my legs go into them and it fits like denim spandex lol. So I’m retiring these A.P.C New Cures jeans. To end it off 1 soak 3 times dry cleaned, never to be worn again.


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  • Trav

        posted on November 14 , 2008 :

    R.I.P. lol

    the fades are insane tho..esp in person



        posted on November 14 , 2008 :

    hell yeah this sucks man.. anyone want some spandex hipster jeans?

  • MaDRaVEn

        posted on November 14 , 2008 :

    man that sucks dude i know u was heated

  • Madman Muna

        posted on November 14 , 2008 :

    that sucks jkissi, my APCs are too long and i want to get em tailored but now i’m a little scared…

  • MeccaDon

        posted on November 15 , 2008 :

    The fades look awesome ! But I’m like 4 months in on my New Standards, I been wearing them literally like everyday so hopefully I’ll get fades similar to that. Then its off to the IMPS =]

  • DaKid91

        posted on November 15 , 2008 :

    what size are those???
    if you where to sell them, for how much?


        posted on November 15 , 2008 :

    Theyre a 30 X 34 , I don think you want them my brother and taperes so it’s tapered crazy.

    I would sell for $100

  • king

        posted on November 15 , 2008 :

    hahaha now thats some shit…you should just take them back to APC to get 50% off a fresh pair…

  • Memphis

        posted on November 17 , 2008 :

    What do you look like with them on now? I’m interested to see that…


        posted on November 17 , 2008 :

    Lol memphis you dont want to see that, not even I do man.

  • imaG

        posted on November 18 , 2008 :

    I wanna see that tight butt.

  • anon

        posted on November 18 , 2008 :

    come on it can’t be that bad

  • Illek

        posted on November 29 , 2008 :

    I do like my tight jeans…..But im not sure id fit a 30, im probably a 31, i especially love crazy tight calves and ankles on my jeans

  • bokap

        posted on January 2 , 2009 :

    Hey when they were about 3 months old how tight was the bottom of them? i have a pair of the naked and famous skinny guys which i love and the leg opening is perfect. but im thinkin about getting the new cures. i just dont want the leg opening to be to skinny on my ankle.


        posted on January 3 , 2009 :

    The leg opening is kind of open for space to be honest. It’s not tight and it doesnt really shrink too bad when you soak them and such. I suggest the new cures for you then man.

  • robbie

        posted on June 1 , 2009 :

    you could probably get a newpair selling those to APC for their Butler series.

  • Gabe

        posted on June 20 , 2009 :

    Yo, i’ve been trying to get my jeans to look like that for a while now, and i’m just wondering what you need to do to get it to look that way. but anyways your blog’s dope, diggin your style as well and keep it up.always anticipating for the next blog post. Peace

  • Jack

        posted on June 24 , 2009 :

    Are the pictures taken after she tailored them? Because they don’t look too skinny.

  • chaz

        posted on August 8 , 2009 :

    hey if you give measurements some people might be interested in buying…

  • Joy

        posted on November 30 , 2009 :

    agree with chaz, if you post an ad I bet someone would be interested… for example a skinny girl (mens pants are always too baggy for tomboys)

  • Mark

        posted on February 8 , 2011 :

    Hey, I have two pairs of APC Hipsters.. I have had both pairs altered from the knee down, the tailor has taken them in a little too much..
    Im looking to sell these, … 28 WAIST , 30 LEG, 6 & half inch at bottom of leg.. very fitted, would look great on a skinny girl, or if a guy likes wearing his Hipsters that fitted.. get in touch if anyones interested..? cheers .

  • ebobobo

        posted on June 7 , 2011 :

    did u size down one or two sizes?