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JKISSI : Unexpectedly I had the pleasure to view KAWS exhibition yesterday night.  I wasn’t in that area to see the exhibit it was very dope , but to meet up with Devin Christopher the photographer of the photos below. Devin Christopher is an photographer from Miami who also does work for Hypebeast, who happened to be in New York City for the exhibition. We chilled and hit up the streets of NYC , and also took some sick pictures you guys will view those very soon. This guy is very focused in what he does and is definitely apart of the Street Etiquette family, more to come from this young man.  Stay tuned guys..

To see Devin Christopher’s Flickr Click Here

HB : As KAWS’ gallery presence enjoys a steady increase, the Gering & López Gallery in New York is the latest to play host to the popular artist. Plying his trade over numerous mediums from sculptures and toys to canvasses and products, his exhibition features a mixture of many different styles. Some of his iconic trademarks are featured such as a massive CHUMS figure domineering over the room and further looks at recent magazine cover highlights to compliment his canvasses and quirky display of busts. The exhibition runs from now until December 23rd with the details below.










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  • Failure

        posted on November 8 , 2008 :

    this is too dope man

  • MeccaDon

        posted on November 10 , 2008 :

    I been meaning to go but the laziness in me always wins the fight =[