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JKISSI : Zara hits us with their Fall 2008 campaign pictures which are abosutely clean.  The brand originated from Spain has to compete with brands such as H&M,Uniqlo and Topshop who are other retailers of inspired designer clothing.  Although Zara only has 35 stores in the United States it’s presence is felt heavily internationally with their 513 stores in Spain alone.  

Source : Fashionisto 





They also designed this dope bag that Trav has.








Question : If you had to rank Uniqlo/H&M/Topshop/Zara how would you ?




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  • HenryP

        posted on November 3 , 2008 :

    I’ve been following this blog/site for a while I really like what you guys are doing and cant wait for your other ventures, especially the music. I’ll be here with my eyes open.

    Anyways zara is so amazing, I took a trip to Spain before and there were about 300 zara stores oh man i loved it.


    Thats my list even though Ive never bought anything from topshop I have tried on some of their stuff which felt very good.

  • The Fashionisto

        posted on November 3 , 2008 :

    Love that bag. Next time I’m in Los Angeles, I need to stop by the Zara store. I have never been there!

  • admin

        posted on November 3 , 2008 :

    You need to go there man, some really great pieces for good prices .

  • Will

        posted on November 3 , 2008 :

    Good stuff to post josh, that bag that Trav has looks amazing , umm

    1.Topman – love it
    2.Zara – very good suits my style
    3.Uniqlo – was amazing at the beginning , but began to fall off due to some many people jumping on it
    4.H&M – never was anything to me, sorry to be so harsh, but it’s the truth

  • Autumn

        posted on November 3 , 2008 :

    when it comes to girl stuff i’d rank:

    1. H&M
    2. uniqlo
    3. zara
    4. top man.


        posted on November 4 , 2008 :

    Autumn you really think H&M is #1 surprised me there lol i would think topshop for women because they have so many clothes and nice pieces its crazy

  • Camthrax

        posted on November 4 , 2008 :

    Zara makes some good stuff (I wear an old zara jacket that I copped in Santiago all the time), BUT their american prices are heinous to me after shopping at their South American stores. The stuff can cost 40-60 percent less in other countries. Either way, a few items are still worth it relative to whats out there.

    I’m going to have to agree with Josh on the rankings
    1. Uniqlo
    2. Zara
    3. Topman
    4. H&M

    Uniqlo the consistent best with what they put out and has the highest average quality, while Zara makes a lot of trash along with a few gems. Topman has some intriguing stuff, although it costs a lot for what it is and H&M has the lowest quality and makes a lot of junk (but I own a good amount of it). This is all coming from a man’s perspective by the way.

    Also, it would be hilarious to make a post about the worst items from each store.

  • Sman

        posted on November 4 , 2008 :

    Camthrax lol no homo man but i love when you comment on here its always something insightful, like you just dont type anything lol

    good job josh on posting this



        posted on November 4 , 2008 :

    one of my best sweaters/jacket I have is from zara. I cant rate the other brands because i havent seen any of there stuff in person.

  • Allabout

        posted on November 4 , 2008 :

    dam man this looks clean ass hell they dont have any Zara’s around where I live though ..

  • The Ca$h

        posted on November 5 , 2008 :

    The fashion
    is great in this post
    But the guy with the beard
    looks like the main character from 300.


        posted on November 5 , 2008 :

    I’m not going to lie I thought the same thing when I first saw the pictures lol

  • Rae of Stuff Fly People Like

        posted on November 7 , 2008 :

    1. Zara- I literally buy a dope Coat from them every year. Last year I purchased the sickest slim cut-double breasted 4 quarter pea coat EVER!

    2.Uniqlo-they are starting to fall off a bit-hopefully they can pick that up…..

    3.Topman- period.

    4. H&M- it’s just EVERYWHERE now….I mean geez…

  • imaG

        posted on November 7 , 2008 :


    Spartan by night. Fashionisto by day. :sleep:

  • teo

        posted on December 20 , 2008 :

    I buy all the basics (sweaters , shirts , white or grey tees) at zara , and the quality is very good !
    Zara = top of the list
    H&M = got me disappointed…. everytime I walk in a h&m store in milan …. I rarely find something good
    I don’t know about Uniqlo and Topman since they ain’t got stores in italy !