Daily Snaps X Brooklyn Bridge Snaps Through the Scope 3 Comments

Trav: Its been awhile..been real busy working extra hard for that extra money. Props to josh for keeping the blog up and running. On my way from work i decided to take a niceĀ  stroll along the bridge and take some pics. I saw 3 of the four man made waterfall things. I felt like such a tourist, everyone around me where clearly visiting.



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  • TheCash

        posted on July 29 , 2008 :

    Gotta love Brooklyn…where’s my cheese cake?..lol

  • Flats

        posted on July 30 , 2008 :

    good pictures here

  • 1-800-brush

        posted on July 31 , 2008 :

    damn i miss you NY. I’m thinkin bout movin back.