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JKISSI : Today was a very busy day for me in general and it didn’t help that it seemed like it was going to rain , but it never happened.  First I had to pay a subway ticket for jumping the turnstob at Fordham Road.  Had to go all the way to BK which isn’t that bad,  but just to hand over to them $80.00 made me upset. (lol) I definitely wasn’t alone in that case a lot of people didn’t want to pay the ticket like how do you get $80.00 + from skipping a $2.00 ride ? Its what ever though the law is the law I guess.  The day went good though   Then made my way to soHo to do pickups for some of you guys from uniqlo.  ( More news on uniqlo later )




The only Washington Mutual that I went into and amazed me.  I thought to myself how is this a bank. (lol)



On the R Train trying to get to soHo


Bad picture of soho but you get the idea , even on a bad day people still out ( lol )




Home bound

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  • iamdabx

        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    that last shot is at 241st rite ? that shit look hellla familiar.


        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    Yupp.. you got it lol 241st White Plains Road and shit where you at man ?

  • embark

        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    damn i live riiiiiight across the street from LIU BK. No one (not from here) ever believes how close I am to soho.
    I had no idea turnstyle jumpin had turned into a felony… damn


        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    lol yeahh man no more turnstyle jumping for me man.. it looked so open lol cops was undercover and hanging out in the corner.. lesson learned

  • jcapo

        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    yeah man..my boy did it twice first time got out of it cause his pop was a cop and undercover called his dad..
    second time he just paid it which was like 1 month later but he said it was around 65

    aha jesse if u see this whatsup mann lol


        posted on July 25 , 2008 :

    Lol i wish someone in my family was in the NYPD .. then i dont lol

  • s1eepyboy

        posted on July 26 , 2008 :

    I know exactly where you were son, lol fulton by juniors and the wamu that I signed up too. Nearby my former school (Brooklyn Tech) =D


        posted on July 26 , 2008 :

    word ^ there are no wamu’s like that in the bx or nothing lol a sight to see son .. word bk tech around there didn’t know